Arnold Butler


Atlanta, Georgia 


When did you get your start with Art?

I started my artistic journey 12 years ago in hopes of attaining a deeper meaning of self.


How would you describe your artistic style?

Translucent, Free, and Unconquerable. I really don't adhere to a particular style; I simply paint what feels good to me.


Where do you draw artistic inspiration?

I'm most inspired by growth. I'm a chronic people watcher, and I study the subtle nuances of human interaction. I try to incorporate that feeling of connection in my ART.   


What are some risks or sacrifices you have made in pursuit of your craft?

Relationships. When one is passionate about something in their life, it's crucial to have people who understand and support that passion as seriously as you. ART saved my life in indescribable ways, and I refuse to sacrifice that for the sake of companionship.


Here is your favorite artist?

Sun Ra. His music helps me envision colors I've never seen before. Khalil Gibran. His work always makes me conscious about my work having a narrative that is meaningful. Oswaldo Guayasamin. His work taught me how to paint faces.


What’s next?

Arts/Beats/Lyrics (2018) and Afropaloozaatl (2018)


What would be your dream project?

Currently, I have over 10k square ft of ART, and I want to have a solo show in which I can show my vast collection of paintings.  


What quote or motto do you live your life by?

"Breathe. CREATE. Fuck what people think."

For more information on the artist, follow on social media at @ab2ether



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