Darron Hodges


Atlanta, Georgia 


At what age did you become fascinated with Art?

My mother discovered me drawing on the walls around the age of 4. I also liked to draw ninja turtles and football players.


How would you describe your artistic style?

Creative energy crossing paths to manifest harmony! (Just check out my signature pattern, and then you'll understand).


Where do you draw artistic inspiration?

Life, death, music, poetry, photography, other artists, women, spirituality, sexuality, cultures, meditation, prayer, sports, God. I think of myself as a cool-weirdo, so like most true creatives, I can draw inspiration from the oddest things.


What has been the most memorable response to your work?

I've had people cry and get overly emotional, and I've had people aroused by my work and proposition me for sex (lol)! I could write a book about my experiences as an artist. Sincerely, It's a great feeling when your art and designs bring joy to people's lives.

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What risks or sacrifices have you made in pursuit of your career?

In 2014 I was convicted of a DUI (for refusing to blow), so I lost my job and my license. Before the incident, I had already been saving and preparing to make art and design the focal point of my life. I had been procrastinating due to the comfort and delicacies that my job provided. I've learned firsthand, when you've convinced your subconscious mind that you're destined for something, things will shift in your life to make your dreams a reality! I was forced to make my dream a reality!


What's next?

I've collaborated with a company named Sweet Fest to produce a series of custom handbags for the holidays. I'm working on new custom furniture for clients, as well as sending proposals to stores for partnerships.   I'm developing pieces for a solo show and seeking representation for 2018. I'm always working on something... It's a blessing!


What quote or motto do you live your life by?

I have several.. "Be positive and progressive!" "Always be an asset!" "Is the risk worth the wager?" "Be distinct or become obsolete!"

For more on this artist, please visit www.distinctisland.com and follow social media @dhodges101

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