Exhibition: Still Dreamin + Jermaine Clark


Atlanta, Georgia

Urban Contemporary artist, Jermaine Clark, will hold the 3rd public opening of his Still Dreamin' exhibit on August 11th, 2017 at Studio No. 7 in Atlanta, GA. Still Dreamin': The solo art exhibit is the follow up to his original series Stay Dreamin’ “Will work for Dreams” in 2016. This series will continue to explore Clark's process behind finding beauty in the struggle of going after your dreams and how circumstances can fuel motivation towards your success.

We spoke with Jermaine about his upcoming exhibition. 

What made you decide to do a follow up to your highly successful Stay Dreamin exhibition?

The response and feedback [to Stay Dreamin] was beyond even what I imagined. People gravitated towards the message, so I had to do a follow-up.

What should viewers expect from Still Dreamin?

Still Dreamin' is more personal. This exhibit centers on my new journey as a full-time artist and how I want to use my story and pursuit to inspire others to take "the leap of faith" as I did.

Where did you draw inspiration for the pieces?

The inspiration behind the actual work came from a Kanye West lyric "Reach for the stars, so if you fall, you'll land on a cloud." Clouds are one of the themes throughout the collection. Also, the red helium balloons are common through the exhibit to represent the uncertainty of where you'll go once you let go of fear. If you've ever watched a helium balloon travel, you never know its final destination; you just know it soars in no direction until unseen. On a more personal note, the balloons also represent loved ones I've lost and how my family celebrates their birthdays. We release balloons with notes attached as our way of speaking to them. I want to continue this tradition and keep them with me as I grow as an artist.

What messages do you hope your audience will take from Still Dreamin?

I genuinely believe we are all destined for greatness and do not have to be victims of circumstance. In fact, the most trying times should help you focus even more on the end goal. I know from first-hand experience; life can seem unfair. I also know if you are focused on what you want, that is your motivation! Just relax, be patient, and trust things ALWAYS work out in your favor.

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antonio rainey