Web Series: The New Shade of Black

A spin off of the hit web series the Unwritten Rules, the new shade of BLACK,  is a new web series bought to you by the brilliant storytellers at inkSpot Entertainment. The series explores the challenges of three 30-something African Americans navigating "blackness" while creating a digital marketing start up.

"After exposing the realities of being the only Black person in a White workplace on "the Unwritten Rules", I wanted to explore the definition of blackness," said Creator and Executive Producer Kim Williams. "Black people are multi - dimensional with different perspectives and ideals and so "the New Black" to me means to finally start looking at blackness as infinite instead of a single definition. The series will teach you to become comfortable with who you are instead of who you think you need to be in order to be Black. Every episode will push you to embrace blackness regardless of your definition of it."

the new shade of BLACK stars Ebenezer Quaye, Travina Springer, Shawn Carter Peterson and Brian Gilleece. The series is written by Williams and directed by Tamarat Makonnen.

Watch Episode 1 & 2 here: