Aloha follows one new mom's quest to find the perfect birth announcement after the delivery of her baby doesn't go quite as planned. It's a lighthearted drama that touches on a pregnancy complication that isn't always easy to discuss.

We spoke with Executive Producer, Tara Tomicevic and Writer/Director, Brandi Nicole Payne about the new project.

How did you get your start in film making?

Tara: Brandi and I both began as actors and grew tired of waiting for permission. We met in an acting class and quickly began collaborating on small projects. Our short film MUTED was our first major project together.

Brandi Nicole Payne

Brandi Nicole Payne

Brandi: I was a theater major and started off as an actor. After moving to LA, I very quickly realized I would have to create my own work to have some control over my career, so I started writing. My first venture into filmmaking was a fun web series I wrote called Diary of a Wedding Planner, and from there I wrote and produced MUTED, a short film about a young girl who goes missing starring Chandra Wilson and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. With both projects, I hired someone else to direct my work. Now with ALOHA, for the first time, I'm directing myself.

Where did you find your ALOHA crew team?

Brandi and Tara: The majority of Team ALOHA came from our previous team on MUTED although a few were referred by colleagues and friends. There are a couple, however, that we found on Craigslist who has already been amazing, so you never know! We brought on people based on their resume, reputation (or references), their enthusiasm for the story and most importantly, if we wanted to work with them for 10-12 hours a day.

Tara Tomicevic

Tara Tomicevic

Tell me a little bit about ALOHA.

Brandi: ALOHA follows new mom Camille as she goes on a mission to find the perfect birth announcement for her daughter Bailey.  Despite her husband’s protests to use this time to rest, she spends hours searching, leaving no stone unturned until she finds the one that feels right. When the cards arrive, we discover her daughter's birth didn't go quite as expected and learn why finding the perfect birth announcement means so much to this new mom.

What are some lessons you have learned about the filmmaking process?

Brandi: Surround yourself with people who know their job and let them do it. The ideas they will come up with to support your vision will astound you. Trust your gut - if something seems good on paper, but you get a funny feeling about it, listen to that instinct. There's never enough time or money. Make it anyway. Have fun. At the end of the day, it's art, not brain surgery.

Tara: Get the train moving. You don't have to know everything, just START. Don't wait for others to open doors for you, build your own doors. Build a tribe with complementary ideologies, aspirations and work ethic and rise together (it's both business savvy and also more fun to work with people you love!)

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