Series: Jones


Ali Jones is a mildly successful Radio DJ, Ryan Cooks is a neoteric art buyer, both millennials who have unique ideals and approaches to relationships.

Ali is one that truly believes in the old saying “a man who finds a wife is a good thing”. Now if you asked Ali if his girlfriend of 3 years was the one. He’d probably tell you he’s not sure, but he is sure that he loves her. Ask Ryan the same question, you’ll get a similar answer, but the only difference is, Ryan knows what she wants. Ryan is ready for something more than what Ali is willing to give.

She doesn’t know exactly what that is, but she knows she’s willing to take a chance, a chance on her and her solidarity. When she asks Ali at the most peculiar moment where they stand and doesn't get the answer she hoped for. Ryan quickly realizes that they have two different versions of what they’re doing. So, she makes a difficult decision for them both when she decides to abruptly end things.

JONES is about that journey between the breakup and potential of rediscovery. This series is created and direct by Geno Brooks, Founder of the Artistic Standard Network, and written by Brooks and Lamont Pierre of The Arthouse.

Watch Episode One here:

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