Lens Spotlight: Interview with Actor, Kendrick Cross

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Atlanta, Georgia

How did you get your start with acting?

I kind of jumped into acting, or you could say acting jumped in me. I was going hard on the poetry circuit, and there was an element of acting while performing my pieces, I called it "PoTheatre." At the same time, a friend of mine hooked me up with an agent who was looking for new talent. I met with him, took a few classes and booked my first commercial straight out of classes. Also booking my first play around the same time, which really ignited my passion for honing my craft.

In your opinion, what is your best quality as an actor?

I'm not entirely sure, as I'm very hard on myself.  I've learned to be more "in the moment" and seem to connect with my acting mates better. Acting is not as easy as people think. The more you get to know yourself the more you're able to tune in to the character you're portraying.


Tell us about some of the memorable projects you have worked on?

There are so many memorable projects. Working with Arnold Schwarzenegger [in Sabotage]was exciting and all my Tyler Perry gigs. Iron Man 3 was pretty dope even though you can barely notice it's me, the set was amazing.  I always have a good time on Swirl Films projects, and Homeland was super dope. I'm still so happy and proud to be on set, that all my jobs are memorable in their own way.

What risks or sacrifices do you face as an emerging actor?

The risk of not knowing your lines is always scary, and there have been times, and I'm not complaining, but I've booked several jobs back to back without having the quality time needed to prepare for roles. I have been a little shaky with my lines, but I get through it. The main thing is not to panic, have a talk with the director, and if all else fails, stay in character and yell "LINE" (lol). I've sacrificed time, personal relationships, sleep, driving back and forth state to state for auditions, callbacks, and bookings.  I wouldn't change a thing...well... maybe one or two but I've enjoyed every second of this ride.

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Who are your acting role models?

Honestly, I like the little people like myself out here grinding, they inspire me more than anything! Of course, the Denzel Washington's, the Will Smith's, the Kimberly Elise's and a few other prominent named actors teach me every time they are on the screen.  I recently told one of my agents I want to be like Greg Alan Williams. He books EVERYTHING and keeps it moving. He's one of hell of an actor.

What is your dream role?

Who doesn't want to be a superhero? That would be "next level awesome"! Someone that people can fall in love with and of course is able to kick some ass at the same time.

What’s next?

I just completed Tales from the Hood Part 2. I'm the lead in one of the stories so I'm beyond excited. I'm also looking forward to continuing working on Homeland and now Mr. Mercedes. I'm recurring on both projects, so I never know when they're going to call but to be a part of these beautiful projects and respected by the directors and writers enough to keep being invited back is such an honor!

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What quote or motto do you live your life by?

If you can tap into what makes you happy and continue living in your own happiness, you'll never fail. I am energy, positive energy, so as long as I align myself with positive things and people on the same frequency, I can be as big as I WANT TO BE! No negative force can stop me!

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