Short Film: Paralysis - First Look with Co Producer Mshon Pulliam

Atlanta, GA

He describes himself as a multipotentialite and if you don’t know his name now you will know it very soon. Meet Atlanta, GA resident Mshon Pulliam. Mshon signed on as Co-Producer for the short psychological horror film ‘Paralysis’ directed by R. Shanea Williams and produced by Anthony J. Davis in early 2015. With production wrapped in October 2015, Pulliam gives us first look images of the film plus speaks on the production and how he became involved.

5 Questions with the “multipotentialite” Mshon Pulliam

How did you and director R. Shanea Williams meet?

I actually met R Shanea William’s through producer Anthony Davis.  Anthony and I met about two years ago during a photo shoot I did for his family in Atlanta. During the photo shoot we began talking about the film industry, and I told him about my interest in taking my freelance photography/videography abilities to the next level. He liked my work and ended up introducing me to Robin, and I was able shoot and edit the Paralysis movie trailer for the funding campaign. From there Robin and I just had that connection through great energy.

What made you interested in being a part of this film?

I became interested in being a part of this project because it was an awesome opportunity to work with a passionate group of people. After reading the Paralysis script, it was evident that I had never worked on a psychological horror or anything of this genre.  The way R.Shanea Williams wrote the script was intriguing to me because there are places in the film where Jessica’s conscience is battling inner demons, and the audience is not sure whether it’s a dream or reality.

As Co-producer, how did you secure funding for Paralysis?

As a co-producer, I helped secure funding through the Indiegogo campaign with friends, co-workers, and other personal relationships. Having lived in New Jersey, the DMV area, Georgia, and Alabama, I was able to reach out to many people I’ve met over the years. Funding for this film was all about a grass roots effort, so it was important to spread the word wherever possible.  Large followings on Instagram and Facebook were a huge help in the process.

How was it working with the cast of Paralysis?

It was great working with the Paralysis cast because everyone was extremely professional and it was clear they wanted to be a part of the film. Nia Fairweather does an awesome job of bringing the character of “Jessica” to life.  In addition, D.K Bowser (“Roman”), Nedra McClyde (“Victoria”), and Antoinette Lavecchia (“Dr. Woods”) were a pleasure to work with on set.

In five words, tell me about yourself

The life of a Multipotentialite.

Paralysis is a film short about a photographer with a sleep disorder who questions her sanity when she feels the presence of a dark supernatural entity. It stars Nia Fairweather. Paralysis is an official selection for The Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and The Las Vegas Black Film Festival

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