Series: Money & Violence


Money & Violence is a street- crime series that has become an instant cult favorite. Following the lives of characters Rafe, Miz, Kane, and Shane, we get an inside look at the gritty ups and downs of life in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The series balances the glorification of drugs and crime by showing the horrific consequences that comes with living the street life.  Money & Violence gives sobering contrast to the recent portrayals gentrified Brooklyn comprised of coffee shops and tapas bars (re: HBO’s Girls).

Money and Violence is produced by Cloud9tv and stars Moise Vernau (series creator), Nanawoods Napoleon, Kendo Hammond, and Rene Guercy.

Catch the first three episodes of Money & Violence. You can purchase digital HD versions of Seasons 1 and 2 at Lionsgate/MoneyandViolence.

antonio rainey