Series: The Graduates NYC

The Graduates NYC is a web series that turns the cameras on the often dramatic lives of six driven graduates from various HBCUs as they find themselves living in New York City. In this new web series, we will see aspiring artists, moguls, entrepreneurs and executives as they continue to pursue their passion in various competitive industries. Cameras will follow them as they juggle their careers while maintaining their hectic social calendars and budding love lives.

The Graduates NYC is produced by Al Roker Entertainment and RDS Entertainment Group. Executive producers are Randolph Sturrup and Al Roker. The series is created by Sturrup and Keith Brown.

We caught up with producer Randolph Sturrup to get some more insight on the series. 

What was the inspiration behind the idea for THE GRADUATE NYC series?

I wanted to do a project that changed the narrative and show what it means to be a young black millennial HBCU graduate. There are many successful and influential HBCU graduates living and thriving in New York City. They work in various fields and understand the importance of giving back to the community. As a proud HBCU graduate of Florida A&M University, it's my obligation as a content creator, to produce material that reflects uplifting and positive images of people of color. I'm truly grateful to provide a platform through this web series to showcase these individuals to a diverse audience.

How will this series differ from other reality series currently on TV?

The Graduates NYC captures their lives in how they balance work, engage in social interactions, foster relationships, and navigate unexpected challenges. The current political climate and issues affecting the state of HBCU's in our country and overall the black community are topics that are candidly discussed and are at the forefront of driving this series.

There have been a few shows, most recently Sorority Sisters on VH1, that have received a lot of backlash from its intended audience. Being a HBCU graduate yourself, what steps did you take to ensure this series would be well received?

As a third generation HBCU graduate, I have a responsibility to uplift and respect the legacy and history of what it means to be a HBCU graduate. Working on this show, I always took the steps to ensure that we focused on topics with the cast that are relevant and would inspire viewers, as well as invoke conversation such as career, family, relationships, community and social injustices plaguing the black community. ASPiRE has been the perfect partner for this series because of the networks commitment in providing a platform of shows that display positive authentic portrayals and positive images of people of color.

What do you hope the audience will take away from the series and its cast?

I hope the viewers will be entertained, enlightened, and inspired. Viewers will sense the bond between the cast, even though they all attended different HBCU institutions. Most importantly, the series will demonstrate how attending a HBCU prepared and propelled them all for success in life.

Watch series trailer here:

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