Lens Spotlight: Interview with Actor, Terayle Hill


Atlanta, Georgia 

How did you get your start with acting?

I got my start acting in my own productions. Coming from Moreno Valley, I didn’t believe being an Actor was possible. But I always knew I would be a Director or a Writer. I would write and produce my own projects and sometimes appear in them. This came in handy once I got to college and joined the cast of a popular AUC show called “College Boyfriends.” Had it not been for that show, I don’t think I would’ve been as comfortable transitioning into auditioning for television and film when I did.

In your opinion, what is your best quality as an actor?

I believe I’m capable of playing most roles I’m asked to play. I put an emphasis on my range. Appearance wise, I think I can go from corporate to killer depending on what shirt I have on at the time. But more than anything, I come from behind the scenes. That’s what I went to school for. When I step on set, I’m passionate about everything being done around me. It makes me work harder when I watch the crew working so hard.


Tell us about some of the memorable projects you have worked on?

Television in no particular order: Blue Bloods, Star, Being Mary Jane, Tales, and Step Up: High Water. Film: Superfly, Love, Simon, Acrimony,  and Merry Wishmas.

What risks or sacrifices do you face as an emerging actor?

I do this full time. I don’t have a typical 9-5 job. Instead, I am in my Master’s program. My time is completely restricted. I really don’t have time to go out. I live off of Television and Film. Money gets very tight when you don’t have the downtime for a part-time job. So I don’t go out very much. I don’t really shop. My life is school, studying, training, gym, sleep. The only time that changes is if I am auditioning or on set working.

Who are you acting role models?

Wesley Snipes, Al Pacino, Don Cheadle, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Michael Ealy, Michael B. Jordan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Dwayne Johnson, and Shemar Moore.


What is your dream role?

At 24 years old, I would say playing a role that inspires someone like “Creed” inspired me. My older relatives would always talk about “Rocky” the way I talk about “Creed” now. I want a role that requires me to transform my body and mind to become somebody else and touch millions of people.

On current projects:

I’m working on a few projects at the moment that I am excited about. Superfly was released on June 15th, 2018 and Merry Wishmas comes out during the holidays!


Terayle HILL.jpg

What quote or mantra do you live your life by?

Spend time with yourself. Life can get tough sometimes. It’s okay to step back and invest in your own mental health and reset.


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