#HUes of Blackness

Photographer Ra’Sontai Watson, a freshman, Psychology student at Howard University and founder of Terres Noir Photography, shot a collection of color block images that explores the many beautiful shades of blackness at HU.

What was the inspiration behind the #HUes project?

I came across the idea color blocking thanks to another photographer who goes by Cherry Collab. I thought this would be a beautiful thing to do with the students from Howard, hence the capital “HU” in Hues, and a great chance to display the beauty of black skin.

 How did you find the models for the project?

Whenever I want to shoot I put out open requests for volunteers on Twitter.  So for the #HUes shoot I tweeted saying that I wanted a group of Howard University students, men and women, who would be willing to pose topless. The first to respond and show interest were casted to be a part of the project.

 What has been the response to #HUes so far?

The responses that I have gotten have all been great.  Everyone is telling me how much they love the idea and concept behind the shoot and how they wish they could have been a part of it.  I’m really glad to have been able to do something that touched this many people, especially with me being so early in my photography career.  This assures me that there are only bigger and better things to come.

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