Justin Milhouse


Detriot, Michigan

You began taking photography serious around 2010, how has your photography style evolved in the past six years?

When I first started taking photos and I didn't have any prior knowledge about photography, I just knew I wanted to start capturing what was around me. As time passed I started reading up on it and really learning my camera. I think my style evolved into more street photography and then to studio photography. I also found myself starting to pay more attention to architecture, shapes, and lines around me. I think that shows a lot in my work from the past couple years.

The city of Detroit has been the backdrop to a lot of your photos. Has that been intentional? If so, why?

Detroit is where I was born, raised, and currently living. I always strive to show off my city and tell stories through my photos, so in a sense it is intentional. I am currently working on a couple projects that really tells the stories of the Detroit people.

You once stated one of the challenges you faced as a photographer is people not understanding the process of creative photos that are original and timeless. Talk a little about your process to capture the perfect photo.

Capturing the "perfect" photo is all about the mood and setting you put yourself in. It’s very rare that I feel like I've gotten the perfect shot instantly. Most of the time it’s when I go home and go through the photos is when I discover the greatness. I don't like to put pressure on myself when I go shoot. I know what I like, I know what I want to capture so I just go out and do it.

What particular technology/software do you use to help with your photographic process?

Lightroom and Photoshop. But it starts with the raw photo I've captured with the camera. You can have all the editing tools in the world but without an eye for what you're capturing the editing tools are useless.

What has been your most enjoyable project(s) so far?

Shooting Iman Shumpert and Teyanna Taylor's baby shower/engagement and covering the 2016 McDonald's All American Games were two projects I had a good time working on. My friend Fred Daniels and I formed GOODHOUSE a couple years ago and have been documenting events through videography and photography. Another project I had a great time working on was a collaborative effort between myself and Shannon Cason where we went to different barbershops and salons documenting the hair culture in Detroit. I took the photos and Shannon Cason did the narrations.

What’s next for your company, FRESH-COOL-DOPE?

Currently working on officially opening my own gallery/creative studio in Detroit.

What quote do you live your life by?

"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow" - Imogen Cunningham.

I'm always trying to get better, learn new techniques, and travel to new places. I think that mindset is what fuels my passion for creating.


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