Ted Wimbush


Charlotte, North Carolina

How did you get your start in photography?

I started photography in college. I didn't go to school to study photography but was always interested in taking dope pictures with my iPhone. With some inspiration from a few friends, I started looking into buying a DSLR camera. I finally did the winter of 2013.

How would you describe your photography style?

I would describe my photography as unpredictable. Truly, it is... I find that not having a set style makes you better and keep striving to learn more and more. If there is a style out there for me, I haven't found it yet.

What are some of the things you consider when taking an editorial or fashion photo?

Definitely how well-lit my subject is whether I’m using artificial light or natural light. Recently I’ve gotten into retaining as much detail as possible in my shots which require me to use a smaller aperture... With that I have to now include my background in photos to add a dramatic creative effect. Those really work for most shots.

On notable projects:

Well I’ve done an ORGANICS project, which was to show awareness for the women that are natural. By natural, taking the word organics and truly sticking to its definition by shooting women in their natural state without the use of artificial products. Now, I am working on a fashion series with a creative team.

Which photographers influenced you and how did they influence your thinking, photo taking and career path?

Helmut Newton is my all-time favorite photographer; he really didn't influence me but kind of made me be comfortable doing my own type of art, which a lot of people can't accept. I do a lot of nude, swimsuit and lingerie work. But Helmut was just himself, he received the same criticism I receive and he never let up. Modern photography wise and still living, David Bellemere is definitely my favorite photographer. His passion for his craft is shown through his pictures, and actually following him and seeing how he directs his photo shoots by setting the camera down at times to get his subject to do exactly what he pictures in his head... That's inspiring. I sometimes do the same now.

 What does style mean to you?

I don't believe in that word as much as the great Helmut Newton doesn't believe in the word "art". Both of those words have limitations and I just don't live that way. I'm always trying something new.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a photographer?

Learning the business aspect of things…. When you consider yourself an artist and you have to deal with people outside of your art, it can be on your back sometimes. But if we could just do what we love without satisfying someone else it'd be a fairytale life. So I have started studying more business, trying to balance it with my photography.

Editorials are a collaborative process. What is it like to always work with new stylists, models, & designers?

It’s definitely an experience; I like seeing people do their work in a collaborative way. Most of the time with a team, you'll get some of your best images. The hardest thing is finding the right team. Everybody has a different vision for where they want to be in life. Talents don't usually match ambition. Other than that when things run smoothly collaborative shoots are the best.

Any upcoming projects you would like to promote?

Yes, I'm currently adding some fashion to my portfolio. So if you've got the itch for fashion shoots and you're a model lets create!

What quote or motto do you live your life by?

"Do right by yourself. Do your part. Let the rest fall in place."

 I feel like as long as I’m positive and doing my part, that's enough for me.

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