AW 16/17 Trend - The Best Way to Wear Denim



Contributor Feature: Brandon Vaughn

Saying goodbye to summer is never easy, but fall offers true followers of fashion the opportunity to show a little panache when it comes to perfecting the seasonal look.

When it comes to fall fashion, denim is about as synonymous with the cooler season as the leaves that litter the ground. This fall, for both men and women, the sentiment regarding the foundational fabric seems to be a rather freeing one — anything goes.

From modern cuts to vintage vibes, embellished to distressed, the number of designer and fast-fashion options gives fans of the time-tested material a true chance to show their style and express themselves.

Whether covered in patches or paint splashes, be prepared to see plenty of men and women alike wearing embellished denim. Instead of just standout stitching and unique construction most designers showcased at the end of the last decade, expect to see emoji-esque patches, sequins, and even chenille block letters like you’d see on a letterman jacket. This fall, school’s in…and so is embellished denim.

While skinny jeans are expected to endure through the upcoming fall season, other unique cuts and shapes are the prime alternative. Denim jumpsuits, overalls, and baggier cut jeans reminiscent of ‘90s hip hop culture give both women and men more options to change up their look and rock a fresh trend…without feeling restricted. These options and silhouettes, available via brands like ASOS, Carharrt, and A.P.C., also give wearers a chance to customize and revolutionize their fall looks by adding pins, buttons, and other creative add-on’s for a dose of personality.

This fall, you can also muster up the nerve to rock colored denim on your own terms. Denim mainstay brand Levi’s offer a bevy of fits and styles in fall-forward colors. Embrace the colors of the season and go green, or orange, or burgundy even. Paired with subdued neutrals, not only can you wear colored denim, but you can echo the feel of the season each time you step out of the door.

We’ve seen a number of distressed denim trends through the years and, this fall, things are going a bit beyond those knee rips we saw so much last year. Expect to see more bleached denim and denim pieces featuring cut-outs, frays, and severe signs of wear. From DIY to designer, don’t be afraid to rock ripped hems, seams, and everything in between. After all, denim is supposed to be worn, isn’t it?

Too many trends to try? Don’t let the season limit you. Flex your limits and let them lead you into winter and beyond.


Brandon Vaughn is a Florida based writer/style blogger

Instagram: @brando_eklectik