Bold & Brave Threads


Tallahassee, Florida

Interview with Brand Creator, Allen Thompson

What was the inspiration behind Bold & Brave Threads?

A mixture of two things at the time it was conceived. One, I was just about to finish undergrad and wanted to focus on being self-employed versus working for a company. Secondly, I enjoy taking on community service projects and giving back to the community. So the inspiration behind Bold & Brave Threads became the sum of the two, having a T-shirt Company that strives to create awesome, stylish and fresh T-shirts that fit an individual in any setting. Along with the approach of wanting to tackle the challenge of doing something meaningful and helpful such as giving back to a community cause (i.e., Project Annie Community Center of Tallahassee and The Alzheimer Project).

How would you describe the brand’s aesthetic?

It's a modern/minimalistic take on current fashion. It's bold with a simplistic design that keeps the message through in and throughout for brand recognition. With that simple approach, the community can recognize the mission.

What has been the most challenging aspect of getting the brand off the ground?

The challenging aspect has been connecting the message of the shirts with members of the community so that the Bold & Brave Threads design can be seen as a representation of a change in the community and the forefront.

Who would you love to see wear Bold & Brave Threads?

Seeing the people within the community, no matter what part of the region, wear this brand so that people will stop and turn heads asking about the design, in turn spreading the message of the causes we support.

What’s next for the brand?

Well, I'm glad you asked! I see Bold & Brave Threads in a couple of fashion magazines continuing to showcase the never ending message with even more stylish designs. Also, it would be pretty dope to have shirts within a couple of retail stores bringing the brand up to a national level.

What quote or motto do you live your life by?

My M.O is "Strength, Compassion, Confidence, and Life."

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