Je Suis Moi


Head Designer and Owner Jamie Hull

A luxury limited edition clothing brand that encapsulates individuality and unique style in every item.  Fashion is about having the confidence to be who you are.  We believe your identity is your fashion and can be interpreted in any way you make possible. All our items have been specifically designed to suit your idea of a trend whilst still reflecting a unique design known only as Je Suis Moi... I am me.

Je Suis Moi is an upcoming luxury menswear brand, offering key pieces for a limited time only. Each piece is carefully sourced and handmade in England making just 40 of each design. The brand aims to offer streetwear inspired items with a luxurious edge, designed to be layered with one another or worn separately to create a unique style. Je Suis Moi promises to deliver exclusive pieces for a reasonable price. Starting off with 5 specific designs the brand are currently well on their way with their follow on collections including their essentials range and of course SS/17. Keep your eyes on this brand, they do things differently.

For more information on this brand, please visit Je Suis Moi and follow on social media at @j_s_m__1