Kevin Whitmore

Photography by  Jacob Wynn

Photography by Jacob Wynn

Atlanta, Georgia


At what age did you become fascinated with style?

I became fascinated with style as a child. My mother would put me in suits, and it helped shaped my style and my character. My father also played an essential part in the development of my style. He is a lawyer, so he was always in suits. He was such a sharp dresser, and he always got a lot of compliments. I must credit my parents for my loving of fashion and suiting.


What does it mean to be a Suit Enthusiast?

A Suit Enthusiast is a student of the game. Mastering anything is so relative, being an “Enthusiast” keeps the passion for what I love. When I’m out, and I see guys wearing suits, I’m observing how the suit compliments their build and what message they are trying to convey. It’s a never-ending study process.


What messages are trying to convey with your style?

Confidence and Class. When I walk into a room, I want people to say, “Hey that’s a cool, confident guy right there.”

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What are some important things men should take into consideration when purchasing a suit?

There are three things:

1- Fit, you want to make sure the suit contours your body and gives you a nice silhouette. You want to make sure the jacket fits your shoulders. It’s very rare men who can get their fit right. The suits are usually too tight or too big.

2- Fabric, you should have proper fabric decorum. You should not wear tweeds in April or linens in January.

3- Function, most guys want to come out of the gate with the windowpane suit but if you don’t have that classic navy or medium grey suit then what are you doing. Purchase the classic pieces first then extend your wardrobe into something else.


Who is your favorite designer or brand? How do they inspire your fashion sense?

Ralph Lauren. I have worn the Ralph brand since I was in pampers. In middle school, I got the nickname “Carlton” [Fresh Prince of Bel Air] because I embodied that fresh yet corky style.

Alan Flusser. Reading his book, “Dressing a Man,” studying his style and what his work on the movie Wall Street, he is on a whole other level. He is an incredible designer and businessman. He has done so much for the world of menswear.


Here are some rapid Fire Questions. respond with the first answer that comes to you. 


Favorite online retailer: Brooks Brothers, I love their ties

Best In-store shopping experience: Suit Supply, those guys are incredibly well dressed, knowledgeable, and when you walk into the store it’s they are like your best friends. They aren’t trying to sell to you; they are trying to help you.

What is one staple in your wardrobe that will always elevate your outfit? There is something about a nice fitting denim shirt. You can throw it on with a casual suit, or add a tie, put a white shirt under it. If I didn’t have a suit every day, I would be in a denim shirt. I love the rugged look that comes with denim. I would credit Kanye for that.

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