A Boy. A Girl. A Dream.


What starts as a love story takes an emotional turn when a boy, Cass, a USC graduate moonlighting as a club promote meets a girl, Frida, a lawyer visiting LA after a tough breakup, on the night of 2016 Presidential Election. “[The election] affected me so deeply because I noticed this divide that began to happen in this country like I never seen before.I called the Producer and said hey what if this move took place on the election night.” - Director/Writer, Qasim Basir

A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. details the realities of being black in America and challenges that come with the pursuit of broken dreams. “You can have people around you for ten years who never challenge you, and one night you can meet someone who asks you a question, and it might turn your whole life around.” - Basir

This film stars Omari Hardwick and Meagan Good in the lead roles, along with Jay Ellis, Kenya Barris, and Dijon Talton. Co-written by Samantha Tanner and co-produced by former model, Datari Turner

Excerpts courtesy of the Sundance Institute.

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