Lamont Howard

Miami, Florida 

At what age did you become fascinated with fashion? How did you get your start as a style maker?

I was first exposed to fashion during my childhood by my mother, she would always make sure I was dressed in the flyest outfits; looking back at her old photos she was always pretty jiggy. Inspired by Kanye West's style all throughout high school, I won best dressed as a superlative my senior year and went into college with that momentum. Professionally, I got my first gig helping style for Russell Simmons' Argyleculture fashion show in 2012 at Macy's. It wasn't only just styling models and creating looks but it was about starting a dialogue and getting young men to present their best selves to the world -- this opportunity solidified my future in the men's fashion lane.

How would you define your personal style?

Polished yet vibrant, my style aesthetic reflects the city that I come from (Miami) as well as the places that I’ve traveled to that have influenced me.

How do you spot trends and draw inspiration?

It's really all just a feeling and being fully immersed in the culture. It's almost like a person knowing their body, you can feel your pulse, you can forecast a cold, and once you see a sign of change on the scene of style you can almost predict the next big thing. From that I take what feels right and incorporate it in my own personal wardrobe but I don't replicate the entire trend as a hypebeast would, just subtle hints of what's popping to compliment my own taste.

Name the top 3 essentials every man show have in his wardrobe?

I would say a pair of all white low-top sneakers -- these can be worn casually or even dressed up, also, a nice pair of shades, a classic style staple and a grey suit, for business or even for a nice evening cocktail.

Do you believe a person can have “no style”? If so, what are some steps a person should take to develop their personal style?

Yes because style is all about finding who you are as a person and being comfortable with that. If a person hasn't found themselves or isn't feeling certain that will show through their wardrobe, so first it takes confidence in establishing a wardrobe and the rest will follow. Style is how you visually translate the world around you. It’s exclusively how you feel and how you communicate your taste to the world.

What are some of the challenges do you face as a style maker?

In this social media driven society so much is determined by your influence and follower count. So far it's been extremely expensive investing into my craft, while most of my influencer friends are being flown out and getting paid to go these gigs I am funding my own trips, paying for everything that I've saved up for months. I know it's just a small challenge as of now because the influence will grow without a doubt and eventually I will be the one having those opportunities with hard work and patience.

On notable projects:

Definitely working with Russell Simmons, he was a light, dropped so many gems in conversation and was so open to input. People at his level sometimes can get very "Hollywood" on you and be closed to opening up to people, but he made it easy to assist him and granted me the opportunity to express freely.

On current/ upcoming projects:

Some collaboration in the works for clothing and many upcoming trips, Also, I will be premiering my very first art installation at The Void Miami on September 9th. Tickets can be purchased at

What quote or mantra do you live your life by?

Impact. Improve. Imprint.

 This means to inspire others, make the world and people around you better, and leave a legacy doing so. Always do things for the passion and not the popularity, keep curating the crafty content, the universe will set up what you put out to it. Stay consistent and positive.

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